Single Cell Diagnostics

Multiplex RNA in situ Hybridization, Multiplex Protein Detection,

DNA/Cell Cycle, Simultaneously…in Every Cell!


Our Mission


IncellDx, Inc. is a single cell diagnostic company committed to advancing Precision Medicine by offering transformative diagnostic and prognostic clinical patient information based on an innovative technology platform that enables simultaneous cell classification and single cell analysis of proteomic and genomic biomarkers.

Our Products

Recognizing every cell tells a story we are dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare one cell at a time. Combining proprietary molecular diagnostics with cellular analysis, we offer diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic clinical information for physicians to make more informed clinical decisions.

HPV OncoTect 3Dx™

More than 450,000 new cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed each year. Our CE-IVD HPV OncoTect 3Dx™  for in vitro diagnostics is a unique quantative cell based assay that measures both mRNA E6 and E7.

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IncellPREP™ Tissue Single Cell Suspension (IVD/CE-IVD)

The incellPREP system is designed to prepare single cell suspensions from fresh human-sourced tissue biopsies for subsequent in vitro diagnostic (IVD) determinations.

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BioINK PD-L1 CTC Kitnews flash

IncellDx offers new microfludic reagents for your CTC needs. For Research Use Only.

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Press Releases

IncellDx, Beckman Coulter form Cancer Assay Promotion Agreement

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IncellDx and Beckman Coulter Life Sciences said today that they have partnered to promote in Europe four newly developed cancer assays that incorporate technology from each company. Read More


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Using adaptive genetic algorithms with single
cell-based technology to detect bladder cancer in urine and provide a
potential noninvasive marker for response to anti-PD1 immunotherapy

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Check out our new publication on Bladder Cancer that was recently published on US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health.

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IncellDx partners with CytoDyn in a diagnostic license and supply agreement for the use of PA-14 antibody.

We are excited about the potential to utilize the PA-14 and/or PRO 140 diagnostic test throughout our franchise, including in diagnostic tests that we will be conducting for major pharmaceutical and life science companies

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