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A non-enzymatic approach for preparing intact, single cell suspensions from tissue Enzyme free, single cell suspension with intact nuclei Ready to use in downstream molecular and protein marker analysis Single use micro-homogenizers produce results in under 10 minutes Battery Pack and Sample Rack sold separately Product Code: K17020, K17008, K15008  

HER2 mRNA Probe

Item Number: J21100 *For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


HPV Grundhoefer, D., Patterson, B.K. Determination of Liquid-Based Cervical Cytology Specimen Adequacy Using Cellular Light Scatter and Flow Cytometry. Cytometry. 2001; 46: 340-344. Polina, R., Sturgis, C., Patterson, J., Patterson, B.K. Rapid High Throughput Determination of Cervical Cytology Specimen Adequacy Using a Capillary-Based Cytometer. Cytometry. 2008; 74B: 133-136. Kottaridi, C., Georgoulakis, J., Kassanos, D., Pappas, A., Spathis, … Continued


HPV E6, E7 mRNA Probe, RUO Product #C21100 – HPV E6, E7 mRNA Probe, RUO HPV E6, E7 mRNA Probe, ASR Product #C32100 – HPV E6, E7 mRNA Probe, ASR HPV Control Cells: Product #C23008 – Positive Control Cells Product #C24008 – Negative Control Cells Hybridization Core Reagents: Reagent 1 – Item #200102 Reagent 2 … Continued

Hybridization Core Reagents

General purpose laboratory reagents for fixation and permeabilization, hybridization and post-hybridization washes. Fixation Permeabilization Solution Phosphate Buffered Saline Buffers for Hybridization Sodium Citrate Solutions Product Code: F12100


The unique proprietary method of our CE-IVD HPV OncoTect® E6, E7 mRNA assay for in vitro diagnostic, provides quantitative information on two levels, the quantity of E6/E7 overexpression inside each and every cell and the percentage of cells that are overexpressing E6/E7 mRNA. Unmet Medical Need HR HPV is a necessary cause of cervical cancer. HR HPV … Continued

CMV mRNA Probe

The CMV mRNA probe determines actively replicating CMV by detecting and quantifying CMV mRNA in individual cells. Item Number: E21100 *For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.



Updates AACR Annual Meeting 2017 April 1-5, 2017 • Washington, D.C ASCO Annual Meeting 2017 June 2-6, 2017 • Chicago, Illinois IncellDx Releases CE-IVD Quantitative Single Cell PD-L1 OncoTect iO® Assay March 30, 2017 IncellDx Launches OncoTect iO™ Quantitative, Single Cell PD-L1 Assay March 07, 2017 IncellDx Partners with Celsee Diagnostics Announces Immuno-Oncology Research Agreement February 14, 2017 IncellDx presents … Continued


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To place an order call: +1.650.777.7630, email: [email protected], or fax: +1.650.587.1528 (please include PO number, product number & quantity) Probes Description Product Number Test/Kit Regulatory Status HPV E6, E7 mRNA Probe HPV E6, E7 mRNA Probe C32100 315uL, lyophilized ASR HPV E6, E7 mRNA Probe, RUO *Regional availability. China only. HPV E6, E7 mRNA Probe C21100 … Continued